Awesome service, fixed my car the same day I called, thank you so much!
John Andrews, Philadelphia PA

Excellent craftsmanship, unreal work!
Mike Jones
Bensalem, PA

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Dent-X can repair or greatly improve everything from small dings to larger dents. We have spent thousands of dollars on tools and countless hours of research on techniques which allow us to access and repair damage which other PDR companies have considered unrepairable. Many of our best clients have switched to us because their former PDR company was not able to handle the job.

Dent-X has also repaired many hail damaged vehicles, including brand new cars and privately owned vehicles.
Dent-X has also been chosen to repair many classic cars, sometimes even before being restored to reduce or eliminate body filler.

We are dedicated to performing quality repairs and being the most reliable PDR provider around.
We are also exploring the possibility of adding small paint repairs and headlight refinishing to our business, but at this time we are simply too busy with PDR.
Our prices are based on the vehicle. The location as well as the complexity of the damage is all taken into consideration when creating an estimate. PDR is not easy. Some dents are repaired quickly, and this is just a reflection of the amount of skill and years of experience Den has.

Dent-X LLC PO Box 16284 Philadelphia PA 19114  215-869-4745

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