PDR is the highly skilled process of removing dings and minor dents from your vehicles painted metal surfaces and some painted plastic surfaces, without sanding, filling and painting.
PDR involes precise tools which are designed exactly for the purpose of removing dents.
Awesome service, fixed my car the same day I called, thank you so much!
John Andrews, Philadelphia PA

Excellent craftsmanship, unreal work!
Mike Jones
Bensalem, PA

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It takes many years of performing PDR daily to be proficient at it. Be aware of fly-by-night techs, part-timers, and the "recent grads" who went to a weekend course. You may be left with damage beyond repair, or worse.

Because of the amount of time and patience it takes to perform quality PDR, price should not be the first factor when determining if you have found the right provider for you.
Sometimes, to achieve the highest quality repair, a small hole must be drilled on your car in a hidden area to access the dent from behind. Any holes drilled are properly sealed and plugged with a factory style plug. These holes are no different then holes drilled at the factory and will not hurt the appearance or value of your vehicle.

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